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    17.02.2012 [Resources Glitch, Spy Glitch] NINJA GLITCHED


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    17.02.2012 [Resources Glitch, Spy Glitch] NINJA GLITCHED

    Post by ~eW`~>Matty on Fri 17 Feb 2012 - 20:43

    Today i saw a player called Ninja ... it reminded to me an italian play very good who i knew in the past and he told me he was good and in leaderboard. I asked him if he was italian and he answered he was and how did i know it, so i taught him why i knew it ...
    I told him that i got better since last time and so he wanted to make a 1v1 r-r RATED.
    I was owning him with rams but when i see to my base, i see 5 buildings spied, i was surprised cause it was strange ...
    So the game becomes equilibrated, i build outpot and i see his ninja ( he was japaneese in epoch 6 so it was special unit ), and i see that he spy glitched ... So i leave the game, i look playback, and i see that he res glitched in the start and that he spy glitched 5 buildings with 1 ninja since start, and he repeated glitch too ...
    I go to talk with him, he admits that he spy glitched but he says that he didn't res glitch, i said he did it too but he negates, so i look playback again and when he deleted uni he took 300 wood, so i go to say it to him but he says that in medpace uni costs 300 wood LOL.
    I lost a legend, I am disappointed, i thought i found an italian pro, but i was wrong No
    Here the screenshots:

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